Create A Stunning Feature Wall With These 2 Specialty Paint Effects

When you're renovating an older home, there's no question that repainting is one of the most effective and transformative projects you can undertake. Fresh paint can help to modernise a dated home and can breathe new life into dark and dingy rooms. If you'd like to take the effect that paint can have to the next level, then feature walls using specialty paints is a great idea. Specialty paints help to add texture, visual appeal and a sense of drama to a room.

3 Beautiful Render Types To Consider For Your Dated Brick Home

When it comes to renovating the exterior of a dated brick home, rendering is one of the best options. Rendering can completely transform an old-fashioned and unsightly 70s or 80s brick home into a sleek, contemporary and beautiful dwelling. Rendering can also help to reinforce the structure of crumbling brick walls, increase the insulation level of your home and add a significant amount to the value of your home. If you've made the decision to render your old, brick home, your next choice will be what type of finish you'd like for your render.

2 Exterior Paint Trends For The Coming Year That Might Be Perfect For Your Home

Although they may generally be more subtle than interior trends, home exterior trends change from year to year. If you're repainting the exterior of your home, then you're no doubt looking for a paint variety and paint colour that will help to refresh and modernise your home's exterior facade. Whether it's been only a few years or a few decades since the outside of your home saw a fresh lick of paint, here are two exterior trends that are set to be highly popular during the coming year.