2 Exterior Paint Trends For The Coming Year That Might Be Perfect For Your Home

Although they may generally be more subtle than interior trends, home exterior trends change from year to year. If you're repainting the exterior of your home, then you're no doubt looking for a paint variety and paint colour that will help to refresh and modernise your home's exterior facade. Whether it's been only a few years or a few decades since the outside of your home saw a fresh lick of paint, here are two exterior trends that are set to be highly popular during the coming year.

1. Light neutrals

Whatever style of home you have or what era it was built in, light, modern neutrals are a safe and beautiful choice. Stark whites and dark colours are out and have been replaced by soft greys, light beiges and off-whites that are simple but attractive. Neutrals have the benefit of looking great and also helping to keep your home cooler during the summer months than darker colours.

If you like a bit of contrast instead of a single colour for your interior, then you can use monochromatic tones for features such as the doors, windows and eaves. Opt for a variety of slightly darker or lighter versions of your main colour on these features to create a subtle yet visually appealing look.

2. Textured paints

Standard paints with a medium gloss finish have been the mainstay of exterior paint for decades. Modern trends are showing a rise in popularity for paints that have a more textural quality that adds an element of depth and focal interest to a home's exterior. Modern textured paints go beyond the stucco look and recreate the feel of natural stone or concrete.

Textured paint can also be used in combination with medium gloss or high gloss exterior paints to create contrast and pattern. You can opt for textured and gloss paints in the same colour for an understated look or use different complementary colours to create a unique and contemporary style.

Whichever style of paint and paint colour you decide to use for your home's exterior, it's important to have the work done by an experienced and qualified painting contractor. Although it may not seem too difficult, there is a lot of skill involved in preparing your home for painting and applying the paint safely and professionally. This is particularly true if you opt for textured paint, which can be tricky to use properly without experience.