Things to Have in Mind Before Using Wax as a Wood Floor Coating

Before polyurethane finishes were introduced into the market, most homes with wooden floors used wax finishes to offer protection to the wood. Wax has made a comeback in the industry today, and it is a great way of finishing the wooden floors in your home. Wax finishes are durable and environmentally friendly unlike other floor finishes such as solvent-based finishes which comprise of harmful compounds. Before using wood floor wax, it is essential to understand the following things which determine its applications, maintenance, and durability.

A Guide to Painting Weatherboard Homes

One way of making your home look far more quaint and inviting is by covering up harsh looking concrete or brickwork with panels of wooden weatherboard. You may also want to paint over the weatherboard so that your home stands out a little from all the neighbouring houses on the street. But when you are painting weatherboard, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind. First, prep the boards.