Things to Have in Mind Before Using Wax as a Wood Floor Coating

Before polyurethane finishes were introduced into the market, most homes with wooden floors used wax finishes to offer protection to the wood. Wax has made a comeback in the industry today, and it is a great way of finishing the wooden floors in your home. Wax finishes are durable and environmentally friendly unlike other floor finishes such as solvent-based finishes which comprise of harmful compounds. Before using wood floor wax, it is essential to understand the following things which determine its applications, maintenance, and durability.

Wax should be applied professionally

Wood floor wax is not a suitable product for DIY projects. This is because the mode in which the wax is applied will determine its maintenance requirements. If too much wax is applied on the floor, it will attract dust and scuffs easily. This means that you will be required to clean or dust the floors often so as to keep them clean. To avoid the unnecessary regular maintenance, you should have the wax applied by a professional to ensure that the correct amount is used. Make sure that you find an experienced contractor when purchasing the finish.

Wax is slippery

Wood floor wax is usually slippery; therefore, it is not recommended in certain areas such as the stairs. Slip and fall accidents can cause severe injuries, especially if one falls off the stairs. To avoid such, consider an anti-slip coating on your stairs. The finish may not be dangerous in other areas like the sitting room and bedroom floors, but you can always use a rug or mat to protect your family from slip and fall accidents.

Note that wax should is not recommended in commercial buildings as any slip and fall accidents can attract a lawsuit against your firm and cost you even more than the floor finish itself. Always use an anti-slip coating for commercial floors.

Wax isn't ideal for high-humidity areas

Wax finishes do not hold up well in high humidity areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor wooden floors that are not protected from the elements. This is because water tends to change the color of wax and give it a whitish shade. This can be an eyesore in your home, and you may be forced to re-wax the floors more often than necessary. For such areas, consider polyurethane finishes such as solvent, oil, and water-based finishes which work well under any level of humidity.

Wax can give your floors a beautiful and long lasting finish, but care should be taken when using it to make sure you do it in the right way. Contact an experienced floor coating contractor if you are unable to make the right choice for your floor coating.