Create A Stunning Feature Wall With These 2 Specialty Paint Effects

When you're renovating an older home, there's no question that repainting is one of the most effective and transformative projects you can undertake. Fresh paint can help to modernise a dated home and can breathe new life into dark and dingy rooms. If you'd like to take the effect that paint can have to the next level, then feature walls using specialty paints is a great idea.

Specialty paints help to add texture, visual appeal and a sense of drama to a room. They're also a great choice if the walls of your home are fairly battered due to age because the textured finish helps to hide all manner of imperfections. If a specialty paint feature wall sounds appealing, then here are two stunning paint effects you should consider.

1. Metallics

Metallics have been a powerhouse in the world of interior design for several years now, and their popularity is showing no signs of waning. If you'd like to embrace this trend in your home, then a dazzling and decadent metallic feature wall is a great way to do it. Metallics also help to brighten up rooms that are naturally quite dark, with the reflective pigments helping to bounce light around the room.

There are quite a number of different metals that are represented faithfully in specialty metallic paints. Rose gold, pewter and bronze are all on-trend metallics that are both classic and contemporary. For a more daring look, such as an aged copper effect that's achieved using multiple layers and special mediums, is a stunning option.

2. Marble

Marble is a material that is eternally desired and represents class and elegance. It's also one of the more expensive materials and may not be in your budget to include in your home renovation project. However, you can recreate the luxury and natural beauty of marble by opting for a marble paint effect on a feature wall.

Marbling involves using several paint colours that are gradually layered upon each other. This creates the subtle colour variations and stipples that occur in natural marble. The next step is using a very fine paintbrush to create the darker seams that are found in marble. To finish off, the whole wall is given an opaque wash which helps the different layers to blend into a cohesive and soft finish.

These specialty paints can be very tricky to work with if you aren't an experienced painter. To get an amazing finished product, it's wise to enlist a professional interior painting service to apply them to your feature wall.