Crucial Tips to Remember After Painting Your Office Premises

Commercial repainting is one of the complex tasks you can undertake today. Other than choosing the best supplies for the job, you should hire commercial painting services to handle the project. 

Having invested your time, money, and effort, it's only fair that you ensure the paint lasts longer. This can be achieved through proper maintenance right from the day the painting job is completed. So, what can you do to keep the paint job looking new? This post will share top care tips every commercial building owner should know.

1. Dust or wash the walls

Dust and cobwebs can make the wall appear unkempt, even though the paintwork is still new. So, consider running a dust cloth over the walls whenever you notice signs of dust and cobwebs. You may also vacuum the wall as long as it doesn't scratch the surface.

What if dusting or vacuuming the walls doesn't eliminate dirt on the walls? Cleaning the wall regularly will eliminate the dust and grime, restoring the wall into its initial appearance. Most of the paint experts use on internal walls are normally washable, so they can be cleaned using a mild soapy solution and sponge.

Remember that some stains might be too difficult to remove, so don't scrub hard continuously, or you will ruin the paintwork. Cleaning up stains immediately before they dry up and become permanent will also help. Areas like the staircase walls and kitchens are prone to dirt, so you will need to reapply a single paint coat when the need arises.

2. Adopt measures to battle paint fading

Another problem you'll have to deal with to ensure your commercial space looks outstanding for longer is fading. First, invest in top-notch paint. Such paint can withstand the bright UV rays from the sun, so it'll keep its shade for longer. Another way to make sure the paint doesn't fade is to use shutters and blinds to block the incoming sunlight. You may also tint the windows using an ultraviolet protectant. 

3. Deal with mould right away

If certain parts of your work environment are humid and warm, they will encourage mould and mildew growth. Therefore, you'll need a plan to deal with all the humid rooms in your commercial space like basements and bathrooms. The first step is to use special paints that don't promote the emergence of mould. If you find mould on the walls, you'll need to determine the severity, then contact an expert to do the cleaning.