A Couple Of Tips To Painting Your Residence Like Professional House Painters

If you are looking to give your home a face-lift, one of the fastest ways of doing so without having to engage in extensive renovations is slapping on a fresh coat of paint. However, amateur painters tend to find that their finishing is not as flawless as those done by professional painters are. This is typically because you may not know the tips and tricks to ensure that your paint goes on evenly thus emanating a lustrous shine. Here are a couple of tips to painting your residence like professional house painters.

Steer clear from lap marks

Lap marks are the unsightly stripes that come about after the paint has dried unevenly. This is because as you paint the walls, you end up overlapping the previous layers, which have already started drying. This is especially common during the warm weather as latex paints dry up quite fast. To avoid these unsightly lap marks, you need to proceed with a wet edge with each coat of paint. This will allow you to overlap your last stroke before it dries. So how do you maintain a wet edge of paint? When using the paint roller, start off at a corner. Run the paint roller down the entire length of the wall while gradually moving over with every stroke you make. If you notice any thick spots formulating, you should move backward to ensure the paint does not run. In addition, you should take note that your paint roller does not start drying out by regularly flipping it back into the paint. Lastly, apply your paint with the pen side of the roller facing the layer that you have already painted thus making it less likely to leave ridges.

Create a consistent colour

Another common mistake that newbies make when painting their walls is using one can of paint at a time. Although this may seem economical, it increases the chances of your walls having different hues, as paint will age at different rates while in storage. To eliminate this, it is best to mix all the cans of paint you plan to use in one bucket. This process is referred to as boxing, and ensures that all the paint blends into one colour consistency despite their varying colour differences. If you cannot estimate if you would require more or less paint, it is best to mix more paint rather than run out paint halfway through the project.

If this ends up being a project that you're not comfortable completing on your own, don't hesitate to hire a couple of house painters to come take on the job for you.