3 Reasons to Use Line Marking Paint Over Tape

If your car park needs to be line marked, then you may be wondering whether you can get away with using traffic tape to do the job. While you can use this kind of tape to create parking bays and directional signs, you may get a better long-term solution by using paint for this job. Why?

1. Paint Sticks Better

Line marking tape is supposed to stick hard to surfaces. This is a heavy-duty product. However, the results you get will vary depending on the type of surface you're working on. For example, line marking tapes usually work best on smooth and even surfaces. If your car park's floor is rough or bumpy, then the tape may not adhere as strongly as you need it to. Plus, if a taped area gets wets or oily and this moisture or oil gets under the tape's surface, then it might lose some of its stickiness and come loose or peel off.

Traffic marking paint sticks far better to both rough and smooth surfaces. You won't have to worry about the initial bond or the paint lifting off in the future. Your car park's lines will last for longer.

2. Paint Wears Better

The lines on your car park take some beating from the cars that use the space. They'll constantly drive over and park on these lines. Line marking tape is strong; however, it won't last forever. It will wear down over the years. Also, sharp stones and grit in tyres will scratch its surface and make it weaker. When this happens, the tape is ultimately likely to break.

Paint can take a lot more traffic and weight. Even if a line has worn areas or scratches, the rest of the marking will be clear. You can also easily touch up areas of damage without having to replace whole lines or sets of markings.

3. Paint Is Tamper Proof

One of the advantages of using line marking tape is the fact that this product is easy to remove and maybe use again. You can take the tape off and immediately remove a bay or directional sign. However, this advantage also makes tape less of a secure marking solution. Anyone can peel tape off and even reposition it. Paint simply gives you a permanent line marking solution that is more tamper-proof.

To find out more about the benefits of painting your car park lines, contact cark park line services. They can help you choose the most appropriate paint solution.