Two Steps to Take if Vandals Deface Your Commercial Property's Exterior Walls With Graffiti

If your commercial property's exterior walls have been defaced with graffiti by vandals, here are two steps you should take after reporting this incident to the local police.

Have them repainted as soon as possible

As soon as the police have photographed the vandalised walls to use as evidence, you should contact a painter that does commercial repainting work and have them repaint these walls.

There are two reasons why it is important to do this as soon as you possibly can after the incident occurs. Firstly, walls that are covered with graffiti could give the general public a very bad impression of your business. Graffiti is generally found on run-down, poorly-maintained buildings in neighbourhoods with high crime rates. As such, people who see scribbled graffiti on your building (particularly if it features vulgar words or images) might be wary of doing business with you due to these negative connotations. In short, if you don't want this act of vandalism to affect your reputation, you must get a painter to cover it up as quickly as possible.

Secondly, the presence of graffiti on a building can often lead to other vandals choosing to target it. This is sometimes because different graffiti vandals compete with one another and try to leave their nickname (or 'tag') on the same buildings; other times, the sight of this graffiti is assumed to mean that the building is poorly secured and is, therefore, easy to vandalise without getting caught. As such, if you put off getting the walls repainted, you may arrive onto your premises one morning only to discover that additional graffiti has been added.

Ask the painter to add an anti-graffiti coating

It is also a good idea to ask the painter if they can add some anti-graffiti fluid to the walls after they have painted them. This substance will not, of course, stop vandals from applying graffiti to the walls of your premises. However, its presence on the wall can stop the spray paint used by vandals from adhering to the concrete or brick from which the wall is made.

After applying this substance to the walls, any graffiti that is added onto them in the future should simply be rinsed away when it rains or when you spritz the walls with a hose.

This, in turn, will mean if your walls are defaced in this manner again in the future, it should be much quicker and easier to deal with the end results of this vandalism.